JNE Property Maintenance


JNE Prop­erty Man­age­ment is a small, high qual­ity and ver­sat­ile build­ing com­pany, which the Dir­ector, James, had built up over a num­ber of years. Now he wanted the busi­ness to expand and tar­get spe­cific sec­tors of the mar­ket.  He wanted a new image for the com­pany, but wanted to keep the same com­pany name, as he’d built up a good repu­ta­tion.  He’d spent money on advert­ising, but found it to be unpro­duct­ive and costly. So, after our ini­tial dis­cus­sions, we had a good under­stand­ing about what James wanted and set to work.  We cre­ated a new logo for James, which refreshed the image of the com­pany.  We then star­ted to build his pres­ence through dif­fer­ent media streams.

James didn’t have a web­site, as he didn’t have the time to admin­is­ter it, so we cre­ated a pack­age that he could oper­ate on the go without tak­ing time out of his day. He now a pres­ence on three or four social media sites, which he can con­trol from his phone.  He can update the sites with pho­tos of his com­pleted jobs or his latest offers.  Not only does this pres­ence allow James to con­nect with his exist­ing cus­tom­ers, but he can tar­get new cus­tom­ers and recom­mend­a­tions and it also allows cus­tom­ers to con­tact James dir­ectly and easily.

The impact of the refreshed com­pany logo and the pres­ence on social media sites was instant, enabling con­tact with a wide audi­ence in a rel­at­ively short time­frame.  James was provided with the tools and train­ing to keep up his pres­ence and so there is no con­tin­ued oblig­a­tion to buy more ser­vices from Dagoba­Me­dia – it’s all done in a mat­ter of days.

A broad estim­ate of the cost of this ser­vice to James is around £xxx – con­sider this in the con­text of pla­cing one advert in the local press/trade magazine, which could be upwards of £xxx


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