Dagoba Connect

Dagoba Connect teaches you the skills and knowledge to shape social media channels to help you and your business grow and connect to your customers that you want.

Dagoba Con­nect – Teach­ing you the tools of Social Media for your business



You could be an estab­lished B&B or ready to go to mar­ket with a new hol­i­day let, your book­ings could be okay, but could be bet­ter. You have a web­site, you’re registered with agents along with thou­sands of oth­ers, with no way to stand out from the crowd. You had 5000 fly­ers prin­ted and dis­trib­uted, advert­ised on Yell, have busi­ness list­ings, your agents tell you you’ve had sev­eral hits, but you’ve had few dir­ect book­ings. At great cost, you’ve taken a broad approach to advert­ising, seem­ingly cov­er­ing all angles, but you don’t know which are work­ing and which aren’t, there’s no way of track­ing how your cus­tom­ers reach you, when they do and which of your money has been spent wisely.


How we can help

Firstly, ‘don’t worry’! we are here to help and help we will. We help you in a mul­ti­tude of ways: we will save you time, we will save you money, We will teach and empower you to mas­ter social media to quickly help increase your occu­pancy – show­ing you how to use it to your advant­age, whilst all the time remem­ber­ing it is free to use! And there won’t be any ongo­ing con­tracts with Dagoba – we set you up and off you go. Of course, if you need fur­ther sup­port in the begin­ning or down the line, we can do that too. We talk to you, find out about you and your busi­ness and what you want to achieve and then we will shape a plan to get you there. The beauty of our approach is that it is spe­cific­ally tailored to your needs, your budget and your goals – we just show you how. We won’t give you solu­tions that are unreal­istic; we know you have a day job to do. We will help you be the cur­ator of your world. A plan which is achiev­able, that fits around your life; that you can con­trol and that achieves res­ults. Social media is a hugely effect­ive tool, but it does require input – but that’s where we come in, to teach you the right way, the most effect­ive way. If you’d like to talk it through a bit more, or you’re still unsure, give Simon a call on 07751 699236, with no oblig­a­tion at all