Is it worth Tweeting if I’m a B&B?

to tweet or not to tweet?

Is it worth Tweeting?

The shortest answer would be ‘Yes’ 

‘Most def­in­itely’ would be another

An another way to put it ‘If your in busi­ness and you’re not, what are you doing?’

Simply put – if you’re B&B and  not already tweet­ing, then you really are miss­ing a trick.  Twit­ter is a great way to con­nect and chat dir­ectly with your cus­tom­ers, where else can instantly do this to thou­sands at any one given time?

Invest­ing a rel­at­ively small amount of time, each day, cre­at­ing and build­ing a pro­file on Twit­ter (and like­wise on LinkedIn, Google+ and Face­book) can pay dividends. Offer­ing you the oppor­tun­ity to cre­ate a buzz around new product launches, week­end get­aways, to push out quick avail­ab­il­ity on rooms and share rel­ev­ant links and inform­a­tion with cus­tom­ers. All the while pro­mot­ing your busi­ness adding con­stantly adding value to your online repu­ta­tion. By invit­ing cus­tom­ers to join in a dia­logue with you, and by mak­ing that exper­i­ence a rich and enga­ging one for your customers.

By doing this you do sev­eral things. Pro­mote your busi­ness widely, attract cus­tom­ers as they are more likely going to book with you busi­ness now you are talk­ing with them, and giv­ing them added value swell as selling them your service/offers/product where oth­ers are not as they quite pos­sible are not using Social Media as there chan­nels of PR and marketing.

You stand a good chance of recruit­ing your­self a whole new sales force who will advert­ise your busi­ness them­selves. Most Twit­ter users enjoy shar­ing great info and links with their own fol­low­ers. The pos­sib­il­it­ies are end­less. Dagoba Con­nect can help you launch your­self prop­erly into the world of social media.

Teach­ing you the skills to use Social Media in the best way for your busi­ness. Not wast­ing time on the wrong chan­nels and set­ting you up with the right accounts that do half the work for you, sav­ing you pre­cious time. Teach­ing you the right tech­niques about what to say and when to say it so the right people have a chance of see­ing it.

Get your tweets right, give them ‘retweet’ value and you could tap into this price­less source of free pr. Whether you’re already on Twit­ter or a com­plete new­bie, there are some great resources avail­able to inspire you to get started.

So within a few minutes you can ask a ques­tion and con­nect to audi­ence who are not phys­ic­ally around you, who can be any­where in the world and who you’ve never met before a single ques­tion and you cre­ate a con­ver­sa­tion and get back opin­ions and answers.

Import­antly, do you have a spare book­ing for a B&B that you can’t fill due to can­cela­tion? Well after post­ing it in the cor­rect way on Twit­ter you will prob­ably won’t have for much longer.

If you know how make Twit­ter work for you its an invalu­able tool at your dis­posal, and most import­antly its free!