Making twitter work for your B&B

Heres just a short list of why Twitter is great for business

Mak­ing twit­ter work for your B&B

19 import­ant tips on mak­ing Twit­ter work for your Business.


1. Enhanced cus­tomer service

Be pro­act­ive with cus­tomer ser­vice; give your cus­tom­ers dir­ect access into your B&B. Make it easy for them to con­nect with you.

2. Attract­ing New Customers

By hav­ing open con­ver­sa­tions within Twit­ter and your fol­low­ers ReTweet­ing your Tweets. You attract poten­tial cus­tom­ers to your B&B who may have not heard of you before. I ini­tially call these fol­low­ers sleep­ers and they may sit in your Twit­ter account for a long time before they move into becom­ing a poten­tial cus­tomer or a customer.

3. Lead Generation

Not only can you identify spe­cific people to fol­low and con­nect with but by being an act­ive mem­ber of the Twit­ter com­munity you will gen­er­ate more enquir­ies for your business.

4. Brand Awareness

Other people who are ReTweet­ing your Tweets are shar­ing an ele­ment of your online brand with their fol­low­ers for free.

5. Busi­ness Promotion

You get to dir­ectly mar­ket to people who are inter­ested in your products and ser­vices.  No guessing…

6. Driv­ing traffic to your Website

Traffic to your web­site will increase over­time and you will have more return vis­it­ors to your site and your B&B

7. Build­ing an Online Community

Twit­ter is very much a caring shar­ing com­munity by cre­at­ing a space to have online con­ver­sa­tions you make your busi­ness more trans­par­ent and access­ible. Nur­ture and help out your com­munity by build­ing a loyal fol­low­ing. Make recom­mend­a­tions for other busi­nesses the same way you would at any net­work­ing event and work at strength­en­ing your relationships.

8. Research­ing Competitors

Check­out to see what your com­pet­it­ors are doing, what are they say­ing, what are they pro­mot­ing, who are they con­nect­ing with, what types of people are they attracting.

9. Research­ing Products

Ask your fol­low­ers what they think of your products and ser­vices. Research keywords and see what people are say­ing via other pod­casts and services.

10. Study Group

You can carry out polls and ask dir­ect questions.

11. Identi­fy­ing New Suppliers

Look for new sup­pli­ers and con­tact them dir­ect…. Yes you will have to pick up the phone LOL.

12. Online Networking

Use Twit­ter to keep in con­tact with people you are already net­work­ing with and find new busi­nesses to follow. 

13. PR

Be aware of what people are say­ing about your busi­ness and man­age your online rela­tion­ship before it man­ages you.

14. Cre­at­ive Marketing

Twit­ter is great! It is instant.  There are a whole load of dif­fer­ent free tools you can use in com­bin­a­tion with Twit­ter to be able to mar­ket your busi­ness with Pho­tos, videos, slide present­a­tions, brand­ing your avatar and Twit­ter background.

15. Com­pet­i­tions

Make it fun….Create spe­cific com­pet­i­tions for the people who are using Twit­ter as a com­mu­nic­a­tion to engage, inspire and motivate.

16. Say Good­bye to Dead End Marketing

Twit­ter acts as a com­ple­ment to your cur­rent mar­ket­ing mix, no need to focus so much time and money on adverts in the news­pa­per, radio TV, news­let­ter, fly­ers as much as you relied on before with no place for people to con­nect with you. Its in a new arena now

17. Edu­cat­ing your audience

The Twit­ter com­munity loves inform­a­tion; it loves you shar­ing your expert­ise this is the per­fect oppor­tun­ity for you to talk about your products and ser­vices. Story­board a jour­ney; break products down rather than talk­ing about the end product.

18. Make Your­self Attractive

Give your busi­ness a human face share with your fol­low­ers the things you are up to. Let people share your busi­nesses journey.

19. Recruit­ing Staff

Look for new staff, post your require­ments using spe­cific hashtags.